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It's amazing how innovative people can do a lot with a little

November 18, 2014


A lady who works in our store a few hours a week is from a tiny village in Bolivia. She has never forgotten the people back home.

We give her the slightly broken toys that come in our shipments, and her husband mends them. Then she sends them to her village in Bolivia with her own money.

It took a while to figure out how to get them through to the village and not be stolen but now she knows how to do it and has gotten six shipments through.

The children in the village are thrilled. The villagers sent pictures of the children playing with all the toys that were sent.

The children looked very happy. At our end, we’re happy about it too.

"I don't want my umbrella to get wet!"

November 18, 2014


This September we had an unusual amount of rain. Sales of raincoats, boots, and umbrellas were brisk.

A little girl about three came in with her Dad and they bought an umbrella. The umbrella was very beautiful with multi-colored stripes.

As they were leaving the Dad started to open the umbrella but the little girl cried, “No Daddy no! I don’t want my umbrella to get wet!”

They continued to discuss it under the awning outside the store where her Dad convinced her that since it was pouring down rain that she should use her new purchase.

"Please Mommy, I'll listen"

November 18, 2014


One day a little girl about six and her Mom were looking in our front windows. The windows were filled with eye-catching toys and dress-ups.

The little girl only had eyes for a beautiful pink princess dress that was covered in sparkles. When they entered the store, the little girl went straight for the dress.

The little girl asked her mother for the dress many times. Her Mom said “Not today maybe for your birthday. We’ll see.”

The little girl was overheard to say the magic words: “Please Mommy, I’ll listen.” This entreaty evidently carried great weight with her Mom because they left with the dress.

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