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Exploring the Exciting World of Children’s Books in Washington, DC

If you’re looking for a great children’s book store in the Washington, DC, area you will want to take the time to explore Kinder Haus Toys. It’s the kind of place that caters to a child’s imagination while preparing them for the future. You will find some of the most popular children’s books of all time as well as books that are filled with adventure that kids love to read. There are also inspirational and self-improvement books for those who need a little help.

Develop Your Child's Reading Skills

Well developed reading skills are important for the success of a child in and out of school. Children of all ages find reading fun and imaginative. It gives them a window to the world around them and is written in a way they can understand. Whether they are reading on their own or enjoying a loved one reading to them, children’s books not only let them imagine the possibilities, it is fundamental for their intellectual growth. The book “Call Me Madame President” by Sue Pyatt is a great example of this.

For kids who are going through critical developmental milestones, reading relevant books with them is a great way to help them go through the transition. For example, those who are about to start a preschool may be anxious about what’s ahead of them and we have a selection of children’s books that can help ease the tension while preparing them for their first school experience.

No matter the age of the child, there are a number of kid’s books in our Washington DC store that will help them develop the skills that are necessary for future success. It helps the younger ones in developing a phenomenal awareness, building language vocabulary, improving reading comprehension and developing fluency in the language. By encouraging reading as part of a child’s daily routine, they will be able to further improve their reading ability.

Explore Our Children's Books

Exploring children’s books at a store made for kids in Washington, DC is fun and exciting. Located just two blocks from the Clarendon Metrorail station, Kinder Haus Toys is just a short train ride away from anywhere in the Washington metropolitan area. It’s open seven days a week. And kids will have as much fun getting here as they will have exploring the exciting selection of books.

For hours and directions to Kinder Haus Toy and Children’s Books Store in Washington, DC, contact us at 703-527-5929 or visit us online today!